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Who is Karen Gravano Boyfriend Giovan “Storm”: Are they still together?


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Mob Wives star Karen Gravano may have developed a reputation as a reality star, but as the daughter of the former infamous Gambino crime family under-boss, Salvatore Gravano a.k.a. Sammy The Bull, she has always stayed in the limelight. In addition to being the former under-boss’s daughter, Karen later established herself as a reality star in the television industry. Karen is best known for having appeared in Gang Wives, the VH1 reality show.

The reality show chronicled many women from Staten Island’s New York City borough whose family members were convicted and jailed for crimes supposedly linked to the American Mafia. Her father Sammy The Bull is Gambino’s former under-boss. Karen participated in all seasons of the VH1 reality show as one of the principal cast members, Gang Wives, except for the fourth season. Around the end of the 3rd season, she quit the program, and returned to the program in her 5th season. The Mob Wives concluded in 2016, after six seasons.

Karen Gravano and her daughter Karina

Who is Karen Gravano?

Karen Gravano was born in Brooklyn, New York on 8 May 1972. She was born to Gravano and Debra Scibetta, Sammy’s “Bear.” She was born into a mafia family and even got involved in illegal activity like her father. Her father Sammy The Bull was instrumental in taking down the mafia boss, John Gotti. Sammy The Bull testified against his boss, John Gotti, who was later sentenced to life imprisonment along with Frank Locascio in 1992 without the possibility of parole. Sammy The Bull was sentenced to a jail term of just 5 years, though he pled guilty to involvement in 19 killings.

Sammy The Horse, his wife Debra and daughter Karen were arrested on charges of federal and state abuse. Gravano was sentenced to 20 years in New York City prison. He was also sentenced to run simultaneously to 19 years in Arizona prison. His wife, Debra, and daughter Karen both pleaded guilty to drug-related charges and were sentenced to probation for several years. In early September 2017, one and a half years before the scheduled date, Sammy The Bull was born.

Are Karen Gravano and Giovan Storm Still Together?

Karen was never married in her life but the topic of conversation was always her love life. She’s dated Lee D’Avanzo, Mob Wives co-star’s ex husband Drita D’Avando. Due to her participation in a romantic relationship with Lee Karen’s feuds with Drita can be seen in the show, Mob Wives.

Then, Karen Gravano dated David Seabrook, founder / CEO of Emmploy. Karen has a daughter named Karina, born with her former husband David in 1999. Yet when the news of David cheating his wife came to light, the pair split. When their daughter was ten years old the couple split.

Karen Gravano and her boyfriend Giovan Storm

Karen then started dating “Storm” with Giovan The pair have officially begun dating in 2013. The pair have ever been married. But all relationships will work easily. During their partnership Karen and Giovan have faced some ups and downs. The couple appeared together in Marriage Boot Camp’s 8th season: Reality Stars. The show focuses on the couple and helps them overcome problems about their relationship.

This has been a peaceful time for the pair to stay away from the limelight. Karen Gravano came back with a new television show, Mafia Family. The series stars and focuses on Karen’s father, Sammy “The Bull,” who was once the Gambino crime family’s underboss and has returned after spending 18 years in prison. Premiere of the show was on 9 April 2020. Since the series focuses on Sammy “The Bull,” Karen’s relationship status may have been protected by the series so viewers can find out whether or not Karen and Giovan Storm are still together?

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