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Mary-Kate Olsen Net Worth:$250 million

Mary-Kate Olsen Biography

Mary-Kate Olsen is an American fashion designer, former actress and producer best known for her appearance as Michelle Tanner and her brotherly twin sister Ashley Olsen at the ABC sitcom, “Full House,” when they were only 9 months old. Together with her twin sister, Ashley Olsen, Mary has built up a great reputation and developed her niche in the show business as they are currently owners and creators of “The Path” and “Elizabeth and James” luxury fashion brands.

Mary and her sister, Ashley officially retired as actresses, and in 2012 started to focus on the fashion industry. As of 2019, Olsen twins have a combined net worth of $ 500 million and were even ranked in 2007 as the 11th-richest women in entertainment.

What is Mary-Kate Olsen Famous for?

  • Renowned as Olsens sister for her role as Michelle Tanner and her brotherly twin sister Ashley Olsen at ABC sitcom, “Full House.”
Mary Kate and her twin sister Ashely with their father.
Mary Kate and her twin sister Ashely with their father.

Where was Mary-Kate Olsen Born?

Mary-Kate Olsen was born in Sherman Oaks, California, United States, on 13 June 1986. Her full name is Mary-Kate Olsen. Its citizenship is American. Olsen belongs to White ethnicity while her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Mary-Kate was born to Jarnette 'Jarnie' Olsen(mother) and David 'Dave' Olsen(father) as a twin child into a well-to-do family. Her mother was a personal manager while her dad worked as a real estate developer and banker of mortgages. And their parents divorced in 1996 after 10 years of their marriage.

Her twin sister is Ashley Olsen known together as “Olsen twins,” with whom she started her career at a very early age when she was just 9 months old. Mary also has two other siblings other than her twin, Trent, an older brother, and Elizabeth Olsen, a younger sister, who is also a popular actress known for her role as Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Also she has two half-siblings from her father's second marriage, Taylor and Jake.

She attended Campbell Hall School in Los Angeles and later attended the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at the University of New York in 2004 with her sister Ashley. In addition, Mary-Kate started riding horseback from the age of 6, and she was also a member of the equestrian team at the school during her school. In 2016 she even competed at the upstate New York's The American Gold Cup.

Mary-Kate Olsen and her twin sister, Ashley Olsen.
Mary-Kate Olsen and her twin sister, Ashley Olsen.

Mary-Kate Olsen's Career Highlights

  • At the age of 9, Mary-Kate Olsen and her twin sister, Ashley Olsen, started her acting career for Michelle Tanner 's role on the famous television sitcom, “Full House,” in 1987. The twins remained in the show until 1995 for eight long years.
  • In their teenage years, the twin sister also starred in several movies including “To Grandmother's House We Go” (1992), “Double, Double, Toil and Trouble” (1993), “How the West Was Fun” (1994), and “Billboard Dad” (1998).
  • Following their success, “Dualstar Entertainment Group” was created in 1993 to produce branded Mary-Kate and Ashley products. A long string of TV movies and direct-to – video releases featuring the girls were produced by their firm.
  • Olsen sisters made their grand screen debut in the feature film, “It Takes Two,” in 1995.
  • In 2004, both Mary-Kate and Ashley became Dualstar 's Joint CEO, and later on at their 18th birthday, they became the co-presidents of a company that carried its merchandise in over 3,000 stores in America and 5,300 stores around the world.
  • Olsen started her first solo career in 2006 with her role in the film, “Factory Girl.” She then starred in TV show, “Weeds” in 2007, film, “The Wackness” in 2008, and then on ABC comedy sitcom, “Samantha Who?.”
  • Her final acting performance was in adapted film by Alex Flinn, “Beastly” in 2011.
  • Both Mary-Kate and Ashley announced their retirement as actresses in March 2012, in order to focus on their fashion careers. We have not yet taken up their role as Michelle Tanner in “Full House” spin-off
  • The Olsen twins then launched a brand of apparel for girls aged 4 to 14 in Wal-Mart stores across America and a brand of beauty named “Mary-Kate and Ashley: Real fashion for real people”
  • They are currently the co-founder and the head of a fashion label for designers, “The Path,” as well as retail collections of “Elizabeth and James,” “Olsenboye,” and “StyleMint.”
  • In 2013 a perfume brand called “Elizabeth and James” was launched. In 2008, they also co-authored a book called “Influence,” and teamed up with TOMS Shoes.
  • Mary-Kate and Ashley are members of Superga's Fashion Designers Council of America, CFDA, and creative directors.
Mary-Kate Olsen is also a competitive equestrian.
Mary-Kate Olsen is also a competitive equestrian.

Awards and Achievements

Mary-Kate has received many honors and are all paired with Ashley Olsen, her twin sister.

  • 4 “Full House” Young Artist Awards and “Double, Double, Toil and Trouble”
  • 2 Children's Choice Awards for “It takes two”
  • The Wall Street Journal of the Year for Innovators: Fashion
  • 5 Council of American Fashion Designers Award for Womenswear and Accessory Designer of the Year
Mary-Kate Olsen and her former husband Olivier Sarkozy.
Mary-Kate Olsen and her former husband Olivier Sarkozy.

Who is Mary-Kate Olsen Married to?

For once Mary-Kate Olsen has married Olivier Sarkozy, her first husband. From May 2012, Olivier is a French banker and half brother of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, with whom she started dating. The pair dated for several months until 2014 when a picture was released showing an allegedly engagement ring.

The pair married on November 27, 2015, at a private residence in New York City, after 3 years of dating. Olsen, however, filed for a divorce, and even sought an emergency order to proceed on April 17, 2020 despite delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The divorce problem got messier after Olsen was pushed out of the couple's shared apartment by May 18, 2020 by the Sarkozy 's team.

Olsen was also treated for anorexia nervosa, and was also hospitalized on November 20, 2007 for a reported kidney infection. The Olsen twins have also consistently supported charitable organizations and non-governmental organisations.

They made headlines in 2004, after allowing Bangladesh workers to work in their clothing line. Mary-Kate and Ashley created a 'Olsenboye Change Purse' in 2011 and donated the money to Pennies From Heaven.

How Tall is Mary-Kate Olsen?

In her 30s Mary-Kate Olsen is a beautiful woman. Ashley has won several hearts worldwide with her well maintained slim body physique and sparkling blue eyes, she and her twin sister. She stands upright and is 5 ft tall. 2inch(1.57 m) and her body weights around 49kg(108lbs).

She has a 34-24-34 inch body measurement, with 5(US) as her shoe size.

What is the Net Worth of Mary-Kate Olsen?

Mary-Kate Olsen is a retired actress and fashion designer with whopping earnings from her professional career. Working with her sister, Ashley, in the show business since their nine months of birth, they managed to gain a million-strong earnings, turning them into a multi-millionaire.

Olsen twins started making about $2,400 per episode for their “Full House” appearance The wage later grew exponentially over the years, rising to $25,000 per episode until their paycheck reached $80,000 per episode in excess.

In 2007, Forbes ranked the twins as the 11th richest women in the entertainment industry, at the time with their combined net worth $100 million. It was particularly from their fashion business as one of them was their specific company, the retail group Dualstar Entertainment, which currently has a massive net worth of merchandise worth about $1 billion in stores and online.

According to Business of Fashion, their net worth has grown exponentially in recent years with the success of “The Path,” as it produces about $100 million and $200 million a year in revenue, as of 2019.

Meanwhile their other brand “Elizabeth and James” adds to that salary, with an estimated $89 million annual revenue. Besides that, Mary-Kate and her ex-husband, Olivier Sarkozy, created a real estate empire. They also owned several townhouses in New York City including one worth $6.5 million (listed for $8.3 million), and another worth $7.7 million.

In addition to all their earnings, Mary-Kate and her daughter, Ashley has a combined $500 million net worth and Mary's alone is $250 million.


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