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Love in the Time of Coronavirus

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Jeremy Cohen

The global Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has shut down large parts of the planet, already claiming more than 60,000 lives. The planet is in turmoil due to either full shutdown or partial lockout by major countries across the globe. Many have practiced self-isolation for a few months. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted every person’s daily life. Because of the quarantine time, however, the two New Yorkers found each other. Despite the quarantine their romantic dating saga started and their video has gone viral over the internet. Some TV networks have broadcast their news on how they met one another.

One fine day, Jeremy Cohen, the freelancing photographer from New York, stared out of his apartment window. He had seen a girl (Tori Cignarella) dancing on one of the nearby buildings ‘rooftops. Jeremy Cohen greeted her “Hello” and then greeted again. Jeremy had been in quarantine for a week and initially waved her as he was in the quarantine yearning for social contact alive. He then tapped on his drone with his phone number and flew the drone toward Tori. Jeremy felt worried, however, when Tori did not immediately contact Jeremy. Her battery on her phone had already died. A hour later she wrote to Jeremy, “Hiiii it’s the girl from the roof!”

How was their long-distance dinner date?

The viral couple Jeremy Cohen and Tori Cignarella having long-distance dinner date.

Jeremy then asked Tori for a date via a text message, “Hey so I’m thinking tn we’re going on a date. Want to have dinner w me?” Tori responded, “hello!!! yes-but where and how? we’re quarantined lol” Despite Tori’s green signal, Jeremy then shaved, washed, flossed, moved and trimmed his own hair, as barbershops were closed due to lockdown. He then sat on his balcony with a date table. A friend of Tori’s had put a table on her rooftop without letting Tori know. Then Jeremy texted Tori to wear something nice and get on to the rooftop. Jeremy complemented Tori’s beauty before beginning their long-distance dinner date, “You look beautiful.” They face-timed and had a glass of wine for their dinner.

When did Jeremy finally meet Tori in person?

Instead, Jeremy thought to take their partnership to the next point. He planned yet another romantic Tori system. He had a bubble and had it filled. During the coronavirus pandemic he then got inside the bubble to accept social distancing. He has had a bouquet too. He crossed the street and wrote Tori out to come.

Jeremy Cohen (inside the bubble) and Tori Cignarella, the viral New Yorker couple

As Tori saw Jeremy carrying a bouquet inside a bubble, he chuckled and was inspired by Jeremy’s effort. After some time they walked around the area and police officials came by. We remembered the pair as having gone viral via the news and internet. They were not there for detention. They took selfies of the viral couple, instead.

Jeremy and Tori had discovered each other during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the self-quarantine. The planet has been hoping that this pandemic will quickly kill. As the world is hurting, this couple gave several reasons for smiling and the sight of a hope of being optimistic and expressing your love to those you love. Their viral video has received more than 30 million views now.

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