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Jorge Masvidal Net Worth

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Jorge Masvidal a well-known figure in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) today. The welterweight fighter has an impressive track record in the octagon, boasting 35 wins and 15 losses. But his popularity isn’t confined to the mixed martial arts alone; he ventured into various businesses beyond the realm of fighting.

Fast forward to 2023, and Jorge Masvidal’s net worth has surged, prompting many to question the role his UFC triumphs and business ventures played in building his wealth. In this article, we’ll delve into Masvidal’s path to success, examining the factors influencing his financial status. We’ll scrutinize his UFC earnings, endorsement deals, investments, and other income sources, offering insights into how Masvidal diversified his finances and broadened his portfolio.


Jorge Masvidal Net Worth

As of 2023, Jorge Masvidal’s net worth is estimated at around $6 million, reflecting his successful career in the UFC. His financial standing was notably boosted by a new contract with the UFC, signed just before his high-profile match against Colby Covington in March 2022, a former ally turned adversary. In comparison, Colby Covington and Israel Adesanya, two other prominent UFC fighters, each have an estimated net worth of about $4 million.

Jorge Masvidal’s career earnings

Jorge Masvidal has garnered approximate career earnings of nearly $5.5 million from his professional MMA journey. His most substantial paycheck came from the UFC 251 match against Kamaru Usman, where he took home $1.3 million.

Noteworthy earnings include $270,000 after clinching the BMF Championship in 2019 by defeating Nate Diaz. In his initial fight against Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight title, he earned $530,000, and in the rematch, he pocketed $532,000.

Going back to 2007, Masvidal earned around $18,000 for his Strikeforce match against Matt Lee at the “Playboy Mansion”, as reported by The Sports Daily. His UFC debut against Tim Means in 2013 brought in $60,000. The bout with Donald Cerrone in 2017 saw him earning $191,000, and he secured $247,000 for defeating Ben Askren at UFC 23`9.

Jorge Masvidal: A Rising UFC Fighter

Jorge Masvidal stands as a formidable force in the UFC, showcasing his prowess in the welterweight division with an impressive fighting history. Since his UFC debut in 2013, Masvidal has faced and triumphed over notable opponents, including Nate Diaz, Ben Askren, and Darren Till. With a record of 35 wins, 14 losses, and no draws, his journey in the octagon speaks volumes.

A defining moment for Masvidal unfolded in 2019 when he achieved the fastest knockout in UFC history, swiftly taking down Ben Askren with a flying knee in a mere five seconds. Masvidal’s adaptability shines through with victories secured via knockout, submission, and decision, showcasing a well-rounded skill set that contributes to his success in the UFC, solidifying him as a formidable contender in the welterweight division.

Beyond his remarkable record, Masvidal has garnered a substantial fan base, drawn to his unique fighting style and charisma. His popularity in the UFC continues to soar, firmly establishing him as a key player in the sport.

In summary, Jorge Masvidal’s rise as a welterweight fighter in the UFC cements his status as one of the top athletes in the sport, marked by a collection of remarkable moments that resonate with fans worldwide.

Jorge Masvidal’s Business Ventures and Investments Portfolio

Jorge Masvidal’s influence extends beyond the UFC as he successfully ventures into the business arena, diversifying his income streams and bolstering his financial portfolio. Here’s a glimpse into his business ventures and investments:

  1. Endorsement Deals: Masvidal has secured endorsement deals with various brands, expanding his presence beyond the fighting arena.
  2. Real Estate Investments: The fighter has wisely invested in real estate, further strengthening his financial foundation.
  3. Co-ownership of BKFC: Masvidal co-owns the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC), showcasing his involvement in different facets of combat sports.
  4. Founder and Owner of GFC: Gamebred Fighting Championship (GFC) is a testament to Masvidal’s entrepreneurial spirit, as he establishes and owns this fighting promotion.
  5. Partnership with FTX: Recently, Masvidal partnered with the crypto trading platform FTX, delving into the world of cryptocurrency.
  6. Esports Investment: Masvidal is an early investor in the esports organization Misfits Gaming Group, demonstrating his interest in the rapidly growing esports industry.
  7. Netflix Documentary Feature: His presence in the Netflix documentary series “The Business of Drugs” underlines Masvidal’s engagement with various aspects of the business world.

Masvidal’s foray into these diverse ventures showcases his entrepreneurial acumen, contributing significantly to the expansion of his financial horizons. By actively participating in opportunities beyond the UFC, he solidifies his status as a savvy entrepreneur. With this ongoing pursuit outside the octagon, Masvidal’s net worth is poised for continual growth.

Jorge Masvidal’s Sponsors and Endorsements

The renowned fighter, Jorge Masvidal, has inked lucrative endorsement deals with esteemed brands like Metro PCS, Reebok, and El Recuerdo de Oaxaca Joven Mezcal. Embracing his entrepreneurial spirit, Masvidal founded his own brand, El Recuerdo de Oaxaca Joven Mezcal, not only adding to his profits but also extending his financial reach beyond the realm of fighting.

Masvidal’s fight organization, Gamebred Boxing, has garnered attention from various sponsors, emphasizing his broad appeal and marketability as a fighter who transcends the usual boundaries in combat sports.

Jorge Masvidal’s net worth stands as an exceptional testament to his achievements in the MMA industry. With a diverse income portfolio, including prize money, endorsements, and successful business ventures, Masvidal has strategically positioned himself for financial success.

As we anticipate November 2023 and beyond, it will be captivating to witness how Masvidal continues to enhance his wealth and solidify his legacy as one of the most intriguing figures in the history of combat sports.

Jorge Masvidal Financial Success

Jorge Masvidal’s journey as a UFC fighter and entrepreneur is truly extraordinary, marked by a remarkable ability to diversify his income streams and significantly boost his net worth.

Recent estimates project that by 2023, Jorge Masvidal’s net worth could reach an impressive $5-7 million. This considerable financial achievement is a result of his triumphs in the UFC and successful ventures across various business domains.

As a UFC fighter, Masvidal has accumulated millions in prize money, achieving his highest single-fight earnings at $1.5 million. Additionally, endorsement deals with renowned brands like Monster Energy and Reebok have significantly contributed to his income.

Beyond his UFC successes, Masvidal has ventured into diverse business arenas, playing a crucial role in growing his financial portfolio. Investments in real estate, the creation of his clothing line, and the establishment of a combat sports gym in Miami all contribute to enhancing his overall net worth.

In summary, Jorge Masvidal’s financial success is a blend of his accomplishments in the UFC and his entrepreneurial endeavors. His skill in translating his octagon fame into lucrative business opportunities underscores his determination and hard work, resulting in an impressive net worth. 

Jorge Masvidal: A Fighter and an Entrepreneur

Jorge Masvidal is more than just a standout UFC fighter; he’s a force both within and beyond the octagon. With an impressive record of 35 wins and 15 losses, Masvidal has firmly established himself as a formidable welterweight fighter. However, his impact goes beyond his achievements in the UFC.

Masvidal’s strategic ventures into the business world have been instrumental in broadening his income streams and elevating his overall net worth. His success story isn’t confined to the octagon; it encompasses both his prowess in fighting and his shrewd business endeavors, collectively shaping his well-earned reputation.

UFC Career Success

Jorge Masvidal, a renowned UFC fighter, debuted in 2013, defeating Tim Means, marking his entry into mixed martial arts (MMA). He garnered attention in a Fight of the Night performance against Rustam Khabilov in 2013 and achieved Performance of the Night in his win over Donald Cerrone in 2017. A highlight of Masvidal’s career was securing the fastest knockout in UFC history against Ben Askren in July 2019, also earning Performance of the Night honors. The same year, at UFC 244, he won the symbolic UFC “BMF” Championship in a match against Nate Diaz. Facing top contenders, Masvidal battled Kamaru Usman twice for the UFC Welterweight Championship and faced Colby Covington at UFC 272, showcasing his durability and tactical prowess in the octagon. Masvidal’s UFC journey, characterized by knockout power and technical skill, cements his legacy in professional MMA.

 Entrepreneurship and Business Ventures

Masvidal’s successes in the UFC have undoubtedly been a financial cornerstone, but it’s his entrepreneurial spirit that has truly solidified his wealth. Strategic investments in real estate, the successful launch of businesses, and securing lucrative endorsement deals have played a crucial role in his financial growth. The synergy between his UFC earnings and diverse business interests has resulted in a substantial boost to his net worth. It’s this combination of fighting prowess and business acumen that has propelled Jorge Masvidal into a position of considerable financial strength.

Jorge Masvidal’s Charity and Foundation Work

Before his 2019 match against Nate Diaz, Masvidal helped provide meals for those in need. Additionally, he contributed to the AfterSchool Allstars of Southern Florida through the UFC Foundation. Beyond his fights, Masvidal participated in grappling competitions with various MMA fighters, and the funds raised were donated to charity.

Jorge Masvidal’s House

Ranked as the 11th welterweight, he owns a luxurious $2 million home in Miami designed in the style of the classic Hollywood film “Scarface.” The house is equipped with all the comforts, elegance, and amenities one could desire.

Jorge Masvidal’s Car Collection

Masvidal owns a striking red Ferrari 296 GTB, for which he paid $321,400—a reasonable price considering its impressive performance. Unfortunately, there is no further information available about Masvidal’s other car purchases.


Who is richer in between Jorge Masvidal and Ben Askren?

Jorge Masvidal, boasting a net worth of $6 million, surpasses the financial standing of Ben Askren, whose net worth is $500,000.

How did Jorge Masvidal amass his 2023 net worth through UFC achievements and business ventures?

Jorge Masvidal’s financial success in 2023 is attributed to a combination of his accomplishments in the UFC and diverse business ventures. His net worth is a result of earnings from fights, collaborations with brands, investments, and other entrepreneurial pursuits.

What is Jorge Masvidal’s UFC record, and how does it contribute to his success?

Currently, Jorge Masvidal boasts a professional MMA career record of 35 wins and 15 losses. Within the UFC, his tally stands at 23 victories and 14 defeats.

Discover some notable accomplishments by Jorge Masvidal in the Octagon.

Undoubtedly, Jorge Masvidal has etched remarkable moments in the UFC. Notably, he clinched the record for the fastest knockout in UFC history by delivering a flying knee to Ben Askren, achieving victory in a mere 5 seconds. Additionally, Masvidal has consistently earned multiple bonuses for delivering exceptional fights and standout performances, adding to his impressive career accolades.

Explore Jorge Masvidal’s activities beyond the UFC.

In addition to his prowess in the fighting arena, Jorge Masvidal has delved into diverse business ventures. Collaborating with major brands, investing in real estate, and exploring various other entrepreneurial opportunities, he has strategically diversified his income streams. These choices have not only contributed to his financial success but have also played a crucial role in augmenting his overall financial portfolio.

How has Jorge Masvidal’s UFC career played a role in his financial success?

Jorge Masvidal’s financial prosperity is intricately linked to his success in the UFC. The earnings from his fights, lucrative sponsorship deals, and bonuses garnered from pay-per-view events have significantly contributed to the growth of his net worth. Moreover, his stellar performance in the octagon has not only resulted in financial rewards within the sport but has also created avenues for additional income through endorsements and other lucrative business arrangements.

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