Eric Ochoa Net Worth


Bio Eric Ochoa

Eric G. Ochoa, better known as SUPEReeeGO or EGO the CHOLO, grew up in Wilmington / Paramount CA. He’s a US actor, comedian and rapper. He creates and performs comedy videos on a 3.3 million user YouTube channel, Cholo Adventures being the most popular series.


His SUPEReeeGO YouTube channel has gained over 3.3 million subscribers. He has two other channels, one with behind – the-scenes footage and bloopers named MyAltereeeGO and one for amieeeGO vlogging.

Family Life

He has brothers named Jeffrey and David, and a sister, Cristiline. His father influenced his Cholo character.

Relationship Status/Affiliations

He had a girlfriend named Veronica in his videos, but they broke up later in 2018. Then started to date Vanessa Smalls They revealed they’re expecting a baby together in August 2019.


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