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Curly Howard

Ali Ahmed

Curly Howard Biography

Curly Howard is best known as Actor who has an estimated Net Worth of $10 Million. Irrepressible member of The Three Stooges comedy team. Through his slapstick humor, catch phrases, and shaved head, he became the most popular member of the group. He was born on October 22,1903, New York City, NY. His high-pitched voice and slapstick comedy made him and his stooges very successful. His expressions, “Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk!” and “Soitenly!” made him one of the most-quoted figures of his era. He became an accomplished ballroom dancer and basketball player in his youth. He worked closely with Moe Howard, one of the other Stooges. He was a member of the Five Horwitz brothers and a member of the Three Stooges. He was married four separate times and had two daughters. His zodiac sign is Libra

Curly Howard Bio, Wiki

First NameCurly
Middle NameLester
Last NameHoward
Full Name at BirthJerome Lester Horwitz
Alternative NameCurley Howard, Jerry Howard, Babe
Age48 (age at death) years
Birthday22nd October, 1903
BirthplaceBensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York.
Died18th January, 1952
Place of DeathSan Gabriel, California, USA
Cause of DeathStroke
BuriedHome of Peace Cemetery, Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Height5' 5″ (165 cm)
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBald
Zodiac SignLibra
Occupation TextActor
Claim to FameThe Three Stooges
Year(s) Active1928–1946, 1918–1949, 1918–1947, 1928–1947
Official Websites,
BrotherMoe Howard, Shemp Howard
FriendLarry Fine

Curly Howard Dating, Wife, Girlfriends and Relationships

Rest in peace.
  • Valerie Newman (I) and Curly Howard were married for 4 years before Curly Howard died, leaving behind his partner and 1 child.
  • Marion Buxbaum and Curly Howard are divorced after a marriage of 9 months.
  • Elaine Ackerman and Curly Howard are divorced after a marriage of 3 years. They had 1 child.
  • Julia Rosenthal and Curly Howard are divorced after a marriage of 1 year.

Curly Howard Children

NameGenderBornAgeOther Parent
MarilynFemale193882 years oldElaine Ackerman
JanieFemale194872 years oldValerie Newman (I)

Curly Howard Filmography

The Three Stooges Collection2007TV Show
Half-Wits Holiday1947Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Hold That Lion!1947Sleeping Train Passenger (uncredited)Short Film
Swing Parade of 19461946Curly (as Jerome Howard)Movie
Three Little Pirates1946Curly (as Curly)Short Film
G.I. Wanna Home1946Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Monkey Businessmen1946Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Rhythm and Weep1946Curly (as Curly)Short Film
The Three Troubledoers1946Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Three Loan Wolves1946Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Uncivil War Birds1946Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Beer Barrel Polecats1946Curly (as Curly)Short Film
A Bird in the Head1946Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Micro-Phonies1945Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Rockin' in the Rockies1945Curly (as The Three Stooges)Movie
Booby Dupes1945Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Idiots Deluxe1945Curly (as Curly)Short Film
If a Body Meets a Body1945Curly Q. Link (Q for cuff) (as Curly)Short Film
Three Pests in a Mess1945Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Crash Goes the Hash1944Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Gents Without Cents1944Curly (as Curly)Short Film
No Dough Boys1944Curly (as Curly)Short Film
The Yoke's on Me1944Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Busy Buddies1944Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Good Luck, Mr. Yates1943Curly (scenes deleted, as Three Stooges)Movie
Back from the Front1943Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Dizzy Detectives1943Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Dizzy Pilots1943Curly Wrong (as Curly)Short Film
Higher Than a Kite1943Curly (as Curly)Short Film
I Can Hardly Wait1943Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Idle Roomers1943Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Phony Express1943Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Spook Louder1943Curly (as Curly)Short Film
They Stooge to Conga1943Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Three Little Twirps1943Curly (as Curly)Short Film
A Gem of a Jam1943Curly (as Curly)Short Film
My Sister Eileen1942Subway Builder (uncredited)Movie
What's the Matador?1942Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Cactus Makes Perfect1942Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Loco Boy Makes Good1942Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Three Smart Saps1942Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Even as IOU1942Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Matri-Phony1942Curleycue (as Curly)Short Film
Sock-a-Bye Baby1942Curly (as Curly)Short Film
All the World's a Stooge1941Curly (as Curly)Short Film
I'll Never Heil Again1941Curly Gallstone (as Curly)Short Film
In the Sweet Pie and Pie1941Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Time Out for Rhythm1941Stooge CurlyMovie
An Ache in Every Stake1941Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Dutiful But Dumb1941Cluck (as Curly)Short Film
So Long Mr. Chumps1941Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Some More of Samoa1941Curly (as Curly)Short Film
A Plumbing We Will Go1940Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Boobs in Arms1940Curly (as Curly)Short Film
No Census, No Feeling1940Curly (as Curly)Short Film
You Nazty Spy!1940Curly Gallstone (as Curly)Short Film
Cookoo Cavaliers1940Curly Sinker (as Curly)Short Film
From Nurse to Worse1940Curly (as Curly)Short Film
How High Is Up?1940Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Nutty But Nice1940Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Rockin' Thru the Rockies1940Curly (as Curly)Short Film
A Ducking They Did Go1939Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise1939Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Three Sappy People1939Curly (as Curly)Short Film
We Want Our Mummy1939Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Calling All Curs1939Dr. Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Saved by the Belle1939Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Three Little Sew and Sews1939Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Yes, We Have No Bonanza1939Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Start Cheering1938Curly – One of the Three Stooges (uncredited)Movie
Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb1938Curly Howard (as Curly)Short Film
Violent Is the Word for Curly1938Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Flat Foot Stooges1938Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Tassels in the Air1938Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Termites of 19381938Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Three Missing Links1938Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Wee Wee Monsieur1938Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Mutts to You1938Curly (as Curly)Short Film
3 Dumb Clucks1937Curly, Pop Howard (as Curly)Short Film
Back to the Woods1937Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Grips, Grunts and Groans1937Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Cash and Carry1937Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Dizzy Doctors1937Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Goofs and Saddles1937Buffalo Bilious (as Curly)Short Film
The Sitter Downers1937Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Playing the Ponies1937Curly (as Curly)Short Film
A Pain in the Pullman1936Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Disorder in the Court1936Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Ants in the Pantry1936Curly (as Curley)Short Film
False Alarms1936Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Half Shot Shooters1936Curley (as Curley)Short Film
Movie Maniacs1936Curley Howard (as Curley)Short Film
Slippery Silks1936Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Whoops, I'm an Indian!1936Curly (as Curly)Short Film
Hoi Polloi1935Curley (as Curley)Short Film
Horses' Collars1935Curley (as Jerry Howard)Short Film
Pardon My Scotch1935Curley (as Curley)Short Film
Pop Goes the Easel1935Curley (as Curley)Short Film
Three Little Beers1935Curley (as Curley)Short Film
Uncivil Warriors1935Major Hyde (as Curley), Operator 15Short Film
Restless Knights1935Baron of Graymatter (as Curley)Short Film
Hollywood Party1934Autograph Seeker (uncredited)Movie
Operator 131934Confederate Soldier (uncredited)Movie
The Captain Hates the Sea1934Orchestra Drummer (as Three Stooges)Movie
Men in Black1934Dr. Curley Howard (as Curley)Short Film
Punch Drunks1934Curley, aka K.O. Stradivarius (as Curley)Short Film
Three Little Pigskins1934Curley (as Curley)Short Film
Woman Haters1934Jack (as Curley)Short Film
Fugitive Lovers1934One of The Three Julians (as Jerry Howard)Movie
Roast-Beef and Movies1934Bogus Movie Producer (as Jerry Howard)Short Film
The Big Idea1934Healy's Stooge (as Howard)Short Film
Jailbirds of Paradise1934Prisoner (uncredited)Short Film
Hollywood on Parade No. B-91934CurlyShort Film
Broadway to Hollywood1933Fritz the Clown (uncredited)Movie
Dancing Lady1933Curly – Stagehand (as Jerry Howard)Movie
Meet the Baron1933A Stooge (as Jerry Howard)Movie
Beer and Pretzels1933Curly (as Howard)Short Film
Nertsery Rhymes1933Boy (as Howard)Short Film
Myrt and Marge1933Mullins' Helper (as Howard)Movie
Turn Back the Clock1933Wedding Singer (uncredited)Movie
Hello Pop!1933Son (as Howard Fine and Howard)Short Film
Plane Nuts1933Curly (as Howard)Short Film

Curly Howard Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth 2020$10 Million
Income SourcePrimary Income source Movie Actor (profession).

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