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Blue Ivy Carter Net worth


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Celebrities’ children often attract attention due to their parents’ widespread fame and substantial wealth. Blue Ivy Carter, the daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, is a notable example in this regard. Enthusiastic fans have expressed a keen interest in unraveling details about her, particularly in terms of financial standing. Is Blue Ivy financially well-off? Delve into the intricacies of Blue Ivy’s net worth and gain insights into how, despite her tender age, she has managed to amass wealth.

Blue Ivy Carter, recognized as an American singer and dancer, has gained fame as the eldest child of the renowned musicians Beyoncé and Jay Z. Her position as the offspring of this esteemed couple in the entertainment industry has sparked considerable intrigue surrounding her life.


Net worth $720 Million
Monthy income $3 Million
Inheritance $150 Million
Stock portfolio $110 Million
Monthly spends $1 Million
Real estate assets $40 Million


Blue Ivy net growth 2023 $720 Million
Blue Ivy net growth 2022 $610 Million
Blue Ivy net growth 2021 $390 Million
Blue Ivy net growth 2020 $200 Million
Blue Ivy net growth 2019 $170 Million
Blue Ivy net growth 2018 $130 Million


Blue Ivy accumulates wealth through various channels, including royalties from songwriting credits, trust assets, brand endorsements, and inheritance.


Blue Ivy has amassed substantial wealth through her remarkable talent. Her earnings include royalties from her music career, particularly through songwriting credits. Notably, she made her debut on the music scene just two days after her birth, featuring on her father’s single Glory.” At the age of four, Blue Ivy showcased her talent on her father’s album “4:44” in a track titled “Blue’s Freestyle.” In 2019, she collaborated with her mother, Beyoncé, rapper Saint Jhn, and singer Wizkid on the R&B track “Brown Skin Girl,” which is part of The Lion King: The Gift soundtrack album.

Additionally, Blue Ivy ventured into the world of literature by narrating Matthew Cherry’s New York Times bestseller, “Hair Love,” an audio book that celebrates embracing natural hair. Collectively, these diverse ventures have not only brought her widespread acclaim but also contributed significantly to her remarkable fortune.


Even at her tender age, Blue Ivy Carter has already left a notable imprint in the realm of brand endorsements. In 2021, she featured in an advertisement for the esteemed luxury jewellery brand Tiffany & Co., sharing the spotlight with her parents. Notably, her parents have taken steps to trademark her name, allowing its use in product merchandising and entertainment marketing services.

According to People, Blue Ivy commands an impressive fee for sponsored content on her Instagram account, earning up to $60,000 per post, as reported by Beem. This demonstrates her significant influence and marketability, contributing to her growing financial success.


Blue Ivy Carter’s financial portfolio is enriched by a substantial inheritance received upon her birth, amounting to $150 million. This sizable sum was strategically placed into a trust fund, forming a key component of her overall wealth. The trust fund encompasses an impressive array of assets, including ownership of over eight real estate properties registered under her name. Additionally, her holdings include $1 million worth of Bitcoins and ownership of two Luxury Yachts.

In addition to these investments, Blue Ivy possesses both residential and commercial assets valued at an impressive sum exceeding $40 million. This strategic mix of inheritance and investments plays a pivotal role in shaping her considerable net worth.


Blue Ivy Carter has been the recipient of numerous opulent gifts, showcasing the lavish lifestyle befitting her celebrity status. Notably, she was bestowed with a gold rocking horse, valued at an impressive $600,000, as reported by Nicki Swift. On her first birthday, she received an $80,000 diamond-encrusted Barbie doll, underscoring the extravagance surrounding her early years.

Among her collection of gifts is a baby crib, purchased at a noteworthy cost of $20,000 even before her birth, highlighting the anticipation and grandeur surrounding her arrival. These extravagant gifts contribute to the narrative of Blue Ivy’s privileged lifestyle, providing a glimpse into the world of luxury that surrounds her.


Blue Ivy has demonstrated a keen interest in art, as highlighted by her involvement in various auctions. As reported by Time, she engaged in bidding for a $19,000 acrylic painting of Sidney Poitier, although she did not secure the winning bid. Undeterred, Blue Ivy went on to successfully bid and acquire a captivating art piece for $10,000, which featured deconstructed law and medical text.

In a notable event in 2022, Blue Carter participated in the 2022 Wearable Art Gala auction, bidding over $80,000 for a pair of Lorraine Schwartz earrings. Despite her efforts, the bid was ultimately secured by Mielle Organics founder Monique Rodriguez and her husband Melvin Rodriguez, who bid an impressive $105,000. This glimpse into Blue Ivy’s art-related pursuits adds an enriching dimension to her diverse interests and experiences.


In 2017, it was disclosed in reports that Beyoncé had intentions to introduce a line of products bearing Blue Ivy Carter’s name, which would include a fragrance collection. As outlined by Forbes, Blue Ivy’s parents officially declared their proposal to launch a fragrance line along with various beauty-related products under her name.


While Blue Ivy Carter has been a notable presence on her mother’s Renaissance World Tour, details regarding her specific earnings have not been disclosed publicly. However, it’s worth noting that her mother’s Renaissance World Tour has proven to be immensely successful, generating over $460 million in revenue, as reported by Rolling Out.


  • Ivy Park
  • Balmain Kids
  • Gucci Kids
  • Converse
  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Alexander McQueen Kids
  • Fendi Kids
  • Off-White Kids
  • Petit Tresor


Favorite Superhero Spiderman
Favorite Perfume Christian Dior Poison
Favorite Snack McNuggets
Favorite Chocolate LindtLindor Hazelnut
Favorite Movie Frozen
Favorite City Athans, Greece
Favorite Lipstick NARS Catfight
Favorite Cookie Brooklyn Beans
Favorite Actor Kevin Hart


Full name Blue Ivy Carter
Nickname BIC, Blue Blue, Baba
Gender Female
Date of birth 7 January 2012
Age 11 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Place of birth New York City, New York, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Religion Christianity
Height in feet 4’5″
Height in centimetres 135
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Dark brown
Mother Beyoncé Knowles-Carter
Father Shawn “Jay-Z”
Carter Siblings Two (twins Rumi and Sir Carter)
School  Center for Early Education (Attended first grade)
Profession Singer, dancer, influencer
Net worth $720 million


Who Is Blue Ivy?

Blue Ivy is the firstborn daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, known not only as a celebrity child but also as a rising singer and dancer.

What Does Blue Ivy Do For A Living?

Despite being young and attending school, Blue Ivy has already made a mark in various industries, including music, modelling, advertising, and voice acting.

Who Is The 3rd Richest Kid In The World?

Blue Ivy holds the title of the third wealthiest kid globally, with an impressive net worth of $720 million.

Is Blue Ivy Richer Than North West?

Yes, Blue Ivy surpasses North West in wealth, with a reported net worth of $720 million, compared to North West’s alleged worth of $375 million.

How Old Is Blue Ivy?

As of 2023, Blue Ivy is 11 years old, born on 7th January 2012, making her a Capricorn.

What Is Blue Ivy’s Height?

Blue Ivy stands at approximately 4 feet 5 inches or 135 centimeters tall.

The net worth of Blue Ivy has piqued the curiosity of fans who are eager to discover the financial standing of this celebrity child. As the eldest offspring of Jay Z and Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, despite her youth, is believed to have an estimated net worth of $720 million. Her wealth is derived from various avenues, including royalties, trust assets, investments, and inheritance.

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