Who is Aalyah Gutierrez, the daughter of Rey Mysterio?



Aalyah Gutiérrez is the daughter of Rey Mysterio (real name: Óscar Gutiérrez Rubio), a prominent WWE talent known for hiding his face and winning several titles.

Aalyah Gutierrez was born on August 20, 2001, and will be 22 years old in 2024. She has appeared with her father and brother in several WWE storylines.

She may eventually become a professional wrestler. However, she is now enrolled in college and earning a degree. Do you want to learn more about this attractive young lady? Then come with us.

Aalyah Gutiérrez’s age

Aalyah Gutiérrez was born on August 20, 2001, making her 22 years old now. She was born in the United States, but her family is from Mexico, so she is Latina. Aalyah Gutiérrez grew up as a Christian and still follows that faith today.

Aalyah Gutiérrez’s parents, Rey Mysterio and Angie Gutiérrez

The parents of Aalyah Gutiérrez are Rey Mysterio and Angie Gutiérrez. One of the most well-known and loved professional fighters in the world is her dad. Since he joined WWE years ago, he has been known to fight with a mask over his face.

Aalyah Gutiérrez’s father, Rey Mysterio, has won several championships, including the WWE Championship, the WWE Intercontinental Championship, and the World Heavyweight Championship. He’s also won four WWE Tag Team Championships and the 2006 Royal Rumble.

Aalyah Gutiérrez’s mother is Angie Gutiérrez, the wife of Rey Mysterio. Angie is an American national who was born on July 7, 1974. She is an accomplished chef and businesswoman who has established many enterprises, including a restaurant. She has also dabbled with film.

Aalyah Gutiérrez’s parents met as young people in the early 1990s. They connected over mutual interests, such as physical fitness, and eventually started dating.

The pair married on May 11, 1996, and have remained together to date. They have an excellent connection and have created a lovely home for their children. They are also a famous couple, and their activities are often reported in the media.

Aalyah Gutiérrez’s elder brother, Dominik, is a pro wrestler and WWE star.

Aalyah Gutiérrez has one sibling, Dominik, who has followed in their father’s footsteps by becoming a WWE pro wrestler. Dominik Gutiérrez, who was born on April 5, 1997, is four years Aalyah’s senior.

Dominik Gutiérrez first appeared in WWE storylines at the age of eight, when he became involved in a custody and paternity fight between his father and his uncle, Eddie Gutiérrez. This happened in 2005, and he went on to appear in other stories. Given all of this, it was only logical that he would grow up to become a professional wrestler.

Dominik has participated in numerous individual wrestling contests. He has also collaborated with a few others, including his father. In May 2021, he teamed up with his father to capture the Tag Team Championship, making history as the first father-son tandem.

Dominik competed against his father in an intriguing scenario at Wrestlemania 39 in 2023 and lost.

Aalyah Gutiérrez is currently in college.

Aalyah Gutiérrez now resides in California, where she was born and raised. She attends Grossmont College Chula Vista, and according to her father, she is studying medicine. She began school in 2019 and is anticipated to get her bachelor’s degree by 2023. She will then attend medical school if she decides to continue her education.

Gutiérrez is very focused on her academics, yet she also makes time to have an exciting life. Her Instagram feed provides a glimpse into the colorful life she leads. She often travels to beautiful and picturesque locations and shares her photos with her almost half-million Instagram followers.

Does Aalyah Gutiérrez have a husband or boyfriend?

Aalyah Gutiérrez is not married; however, she does have a boyfriend named Justin Thomas. They’ve been dating since 2020 or 2019, and they know each other from school.

They have a solid relationship since Thomas was with the Gutiérrez family when their grandfather Rey Mysterio was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in April 2023.

It was a significant occasion since it recognized all of Rey’s hard work, and Justin’s invitation to attend demonstrates his tight relationship with the Gutiérrez family. Only time will tell whether he and Aalyah will make the long-term commitment and marry.